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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Five Great Skin Care Tips

Dry Skin is a prevalent issue during the cold winter especially. During the Summer months the extra humidity makes for a difficult battle against dry skin as well. Signs of dryness of the skin include redness and a tight feeling when the skin is stretched due to sudden movements of the hand and fingers. The most unpleasant part of immensely dry skin include the potential for bleeding and cracking of the skin.

Some solutions include both traditional and non traditional skin care products such as soap and moisturizing lotion which replaces the moisture of that has been lost. Over washing your face or over showering and can promote dry skin. Drying your skin therily after contact with water while prevent chapping.

General over the counter lotins that are meant for the use of dry skin are the best solution. An exfoliation product such as Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub will assist in the removal of dead skin cells which paves the way for new healthy skin to grow.

Also don't hesitate to contact a dermatologist if there is no improvement. Over the counter skin care products may not be effective for more serious cases of the effects of dry skin.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

L'AIR DU TEMPS by Nina Ricci Fragrances for Women Spotlight


L'AIR DU TEMPS by Nina Ricci Fragrances for Women are a great compliment to any beauty regime. This nostalgic perfume fragrance was originally released way back in 1948. This designer fragrance pioneer has established a very strong reputation as a classy evening fragrance.

L'AIR DU TEMPS by Nina Ricci is a rich Floral Of Gardenia and Jasmine perfume fragrance with Tones Of Sandalwood And Iris. Decade after decade L'AIR DU TEMPS has remainded a first choice Romantic Aroma for female fragrance lovers of all ages.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Celebrity Discount Designer Fragrances Spotlight

Celebrity designer fragrances are often thought of as novelty products by some of the most hardcore traditional designer fragrance gurus. Although these days most of the designer fragrance brands are respected by the general public, some still maybe aren't given the proper credit and respect that they deserve. It seems like every famous name you can think of now a days has a signature designer fragrance or multiple perfume fragrances.

Famous individuals have always been used to market products and when it comes to designer fragrances this practice is even more prevalent then most other industries. Some of the major differences pertaining to the designer fragrances industry are the actual naming of the products being marketed after the famous faces involved. Designer fragrances are also patterned or made to be in the imagine and fit the personality of the specific individual involved.

Some of the most popular celebrity designer fragrances and perfume brands for women include scents such as BEYONCE HEAT by Beyonce EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY, Britney Spears Fragrances for Women, Celine Dion Fragrances for Women, CHRISTINA AGUILERA INSPIRE by Christina Aguilera EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY, EVA BY EVA LONGORIA by Eva Longoria EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY, Jennifer Lopez Fragrances for Women and many many others.

Some for the famous celebrity fragrances for men include ANDY RODDICK by Andy Roddick EDT SPRAY, Antonio Banderas Fragrances for Men,
CARLOS SANTANA by Carlos Santana COLOGNE SPRAY, Michael Jordan fragrances for Men, Jay-Z Fragrances for Men and more.

Celebrity fragrances are indeed a fixture in the world of designer fragrances and some of the most delightful smelling fragrance scents available in todays market. Some tend to focus on supporting their favorite celebs signature scent regardless of the actual fragrance qualities themselves while other more traditional fragrance lover choose their celebrity fragrances Independently based on the quality of the fragrances with out attachment to a particular name.

In closing celebrity designer fragrances tend to be affordable options for anyone who's interested in proudly sporting the signatures scents of their favorite athlete, recording artist or Hollywood personality.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Benefits of Designer Fragrances Gift Sets

Gift sets featuring both designer fragrances for men and designer fragrances for women, have become some what of a hidden gem for the many lovers of fragrances and beauty care products. The prevailing theory is that you can get more for your money when purchasing beauty care products or items together as appose to separately. Fragrance Gift Sets can often come in all different shapes and sizes. The features of fragrance gift sets vary in contents and are highly dependent on gender specific qualities and needs.

Fragrances for Women gift sets may often include anything from your typical perfume fragrance, body lotions, shampoos, bubble baths, shower gels, toys and other complimentary accessories.

Fragrances for Men Gift Sets offer a different set of additional contents. Fragrance gift sets for men often include any mix or combination of cologne fragrances, after shave lotions, shampoos, deodorants, body washes and other accessories.

Fragrance Gift Sets make for the perfect gift any holiday or special special occasion as their name would suggest. Most designer cologne and designer perfume brands offer many different combinations of products. Some gifts come in two piece to five piece sets as prices will vary. Typically speaking their products when sold as gift sets are prices cheaper collectively as appose to being sold separately. Often times some products are items are only sold in and made available in gift set packages offering a further incentive and advantage to purchase these wonderful multipurpose wonders.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

GUCCI RUSH by Gucci Fragrances For Women Spotlight


Gucci designer fragrances for women are a fantasic choice for any woman who wants to present a classy and confident attitude. Gucci designer fragrances are among the most popular on the market for several wonderful reasons. Gucci takes pride in every product line and especially when it comes down to their famous perfume brands.

The notion of Gucci designer fragrances are often well respect by name alone considering the strength of the Gucci brand. However the perfume brands themselves are delightful scents that simply take your breath away.

GUCCI RUSH by Gucci EDT SPRAY is a very sensual, sweet and super soft fragrance that is not to overwhelming in terms of strength. This perfume fragrance is perfect for after hours out on the town with friends, bars and night clubs especially. GUCCI RUSH by Gucci EDT Spray is a Floral Gardenia perfume fragrance consisting of Coriander Seeds, Jasmine, Rose, And Vanilla.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

MARC JACOBS by Marc Jacobs Fragrances For Women Spotlight


MARC JACOBS by Marc Jacobs EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY is a lovely Perfume Fragrance that blends a sweet touch of brilliance and an elegant feminine touch. Released in 2001 MARC JACOBS by Marc Jacobs EAU DE PARFUM has found a special place in the hearts and beauty sections of women all around the world.

This Brilliant Perfume Fragrance indulges a sweet Gardenia and Musk based designer fragrance offers a soft delicate floral Bouquet rarely equaled or matched by any. Unlike most traditional Gardenia and Musk based fragrances MARC JACOBS by Marc Jacobs perfume fragrance isn't a heavy or over powering scent. Instead a light freshly delicate aroma is dispersed for your pleasure whic makes MARC JACOBS by Marc Jacobs EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY the perfect romantic or evening perfume fragrance.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Discount Designer Fragrances Sale

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