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Monday, April 25, 2011

GUCCI RUSH by Gucci Fragrances For Women Spotlight


Gucci designer fragrances for women are a fantasic choice for any woman who wants to present a classy and confident attitude. Gucci designer fragrances are among the most popular on the market for several wonderful reasons. Gucci takes pride in every product line and especially when it comes down to their famous perfume brands.

The notion of Gucci designer fragrances are often well respect by name alone considering the strength of the Gucci brand. However the perfume brands themselves are delightful scents that simply take your breath away.

GUCCI RUSH by Gucci EDT SPRAY is a very sensual, sweet and super soft fragrance that is not to overwhelming in terms of strength. This perfume fragrance is perfect for after hours out on the town with friends, bars and night clubs especially. GUCCI RUSH by Gucci EDT Spray is a Floral Gardenia perfume fragrance consisting of Coriander Seeds, Jasmine, Rose, And Vanilla.

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