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Friday, April 15, 2011

Wonderfully Fantastic Homemade Facials with Oatmeal

Some people prefer to use natural ingredients in their skin care products or treatments. Why spend money at the spa when ingredients in your kitchen cupboards can give you the same results? Some people want to save money, while others are very sensitive to the chemicals that are used in mass produced facial cleansers and treatments. Still others make their own because they prefer natural ingredients. No matter why you want to homemade facials, explore those using oatmeal because oatmeal is great for the skin. Here are a few oatmeal facial recipes that you can use.

Warm up half a cup of water in your microwave for a couple minutes. In a bowl, mix together some instant oatmeal, a couple teaspoons of honey, a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and some infants or toddlers' milk (regular milk is the wrong consistency). Add water and mix to form a paste. Test the temperature of the paste to make sure it won't burn you, then apply to your face. Spread the paste evenly over your face but avoid your eyes. Leave the mask on your face for 30 to 60 minutes. When you're ready to wash off the mask, use water and papaya soap, which can be found in the organic section of most grocery stores. Use whatever soap you have on hand if you don't want to use papaya soap. Break up some oatmeal in your blender or food processor. In an additional container, combine a couple of tablespoons of honey with a quarter cup of plain yogurt of buttermilk. Combine this "wet" mixture with your "dry" mixture and blend together until you have created a substance. Smear the mixture all around your face with your fingers. Take care to avoid your eyes and the area around them as this skin is very sensitive even to natural ingredients. Allow the paste to stay on your face for about fifteen minutes, until it starts to dry out. Put clean and warm water to use for washing the paste off your face. If you have a surplus, store it in the fridge for tomorrow (of course, don't store it in there for longer than a day). This fusion is kind enough that you can utilize it on a daily basis if you so desire.

People with very oily skin can even benefit from an oatmeal facial. This mixture is one of the simplest to make. Add some water to some fresh and natural oatmeal to form a nice and creamy paste. Spread this paste on your face, avoiding the area around your eyes, then let it dry completely. This can take some time, but be patient. Remove from your face using your fingers once the mask has dried. This should prevent your skin from feeling excessively oily and more moisturized and clean. Rinse away any leftover oatmeal bits with some water and then pat dry thoroughly with a clean and soft towel. There is a variety of oatmeal facial procedures to pick from. Some are marvelously trouble-free. Others are convoluted and entail obtaining essential oils from your beloved homeopathic store. Whatever the recipe you opt for you can rest assured that it won't be nearly as costly as any item you would have purchased in a salon or at a spa. Homemade facials finish the job for a small percentage of the price and inconvenience. Utilize these recipes as a starting point to learn just how easy it is to give your skin a treat at

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