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Monday, March 28, 2011

Fragrances for Men: Learn to wear the right fragrance

Fragrances for men plays an important role in personal fashion statement. It reflects the attitude and mood of the person. Mens cologne reflects their style and the fragrance are regarded as the reflection of their masculinity. You need to wear the right amount of perfume fragrance as splashing it over creates a wrong impression while dabbing on the wrong areas is known to be a fashion disaster!

Perfumes and fragrances should be dabbed in the right areas and especially in hotspots. Wondering what are the hotspots? Well, there are certain areas in the body, which produce more heat. Wrists, neck and back of ears are the areas where one should dab a dash of cologne or perfume fragrance because in these areas colognes and designer fragrances react and produce a tantalizing effect. Most of people have a conception that perfume brands and colognes should be worn on clothes. Although the fragrance direct on clothes last longer than on the body, designer fragrances should be dabbed on body as they produce the right fragrance only when they are in contact with the skin and the heat that is produced from the body.

There are nine major fragrances for men that include wood, leather, musk, herbal, citrus, spice, fruit, floral and powder. Choose your fragrance direct depending on your attitude and style. Citrus fruit fragrances like orange or lemon reflect fresh, sharp and assertive nature whereas designer fragrances of wood are believed to be dominant. Fragrances for men of leather that include honey, tobacco or wood tars are believed to be mild yet attractive.

Apply the designer fragrances in the right areas and see the difference it brings as you can see people admiring you for your luxurious, classy taste and choice. You need to choose the right fragrance products that reflects your personality. These aromatic scents create an appealing effect and definitely play an important role in attracting people.

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